It is no exaggeration to say that our senior colleagues, with an average of more than 15 years of professional experience, have worked on almost all research methodologies and analytical techniques and are considered true professionals in many areas. It is often said that market researchers are “in love” with numbers. That may be true, but we at INSPIRA believe that “talkative numbers” are the ones that carry real content. Here are some “talkative numbers” about INSPIRA’s professional, methodological experience.

INSPIRA colleagues have moderated over 5,000 focus groups and nearly as many in-depth interviews throughout their careers. These included traditional interviews, but also other qualitative methods such as conflict groups, triad interviews, recycling groups, business interviews, online qualitative research, face-to-face interviews, peer party groups, and an increasing number of ethnographic interviews each year.

More than 5,000 groups and the same in-depth interviews have resulted in nearly 2,000 unique projects for more than 200 clients in almost every business area and product category across 5 continents.

There were qualitative researches conducted by our colleagues in more than 10 countries in parallel. We produced a detailed qualitative research report in 2 days and nights, while the longest research was analysed for almost 3 months. We have a staff member who has moderated English focus groups in the Middle East and conducted in-depth business interviews in the United States.

We have tried to calculate how many individual survey data have been processed so far by the members of the INSPIRA team using quantitative methods. It turned out to be impossible … because we are talking about millions of numbers. We know for sure that the largest project’s annual number of interviews was close to 40,000. We have a team member who maintained contacts with over 100 different clients in a single, syndicated project. In value terms, the largest individual order associated with one of our colleagues, exceeded 2 million Euros.

And what did we do quantitatively? Without attempting to be comprehensive our research portfolio included hundreds of studies on brand image, communication, position, strengths and weaknesses. Even the concept of non-existing services and products, future market potential and opportunities. People’s media usage, media preferences from 6 to 100 years old. We helped with the introduction, pricing, re-positioning and re-pricing of new brands. Our colleagues led mystery shopping projects from gas stations to pharmacies, in almost every business sector where it was significant. Collectively, we have commented on over a thousand advertising concepts or final advertising, using some kind of quantitative pre- or post-test method. We conducted interviews with emblematic businessmen, but also with kindergarten students, or even with some of the best experts in the field, in many European countries.

We used to print many tons of paper questionnaires, but in recent years we have rather been using online data collection platforms.

And how did we analyse that huge amount of data? We have the most up-to-date sampling, data management, mathematical-statistical, sometimes modelling techniques, and excellent specialists, as our staff includes economists, engineers, psychologists, sociologists and survey statisticians.

We have come to Inspira with these experiences, and in recent years, our methodological knowledge has grown, since every new project is also a new opportunity that often requires a different professional approach.
So, we think we are “at home” in the methodology too!