Daily consumer goods and commerce

Daily consumer goods and commerce


When conducting research of fast moving consumer goods, we need to make it clear that we want to know more about the buyer or consumer of the product. In the retail sector this is a slightly easier decision point, as the buyer is the one who makes the final decision and leaves his/her money at the cash-desk.

The spread of the Internet provides consumers with more options and information than before, and consumers are increasingly able to navigate independently from one decision point to another. Secondly, the number of Experience Points (XP) where consumers can interact with a particular brand has increased significantly. The previously linear decision process has become a network of interactions of varying strengths, resulting in complex and non-linear decision making processes.

Business questions and researcher answers

Based on our experience, prior to research, it is important to clarify whether a specific business issue is strategic or tactical, so that we can develop the recommended research approach accordingly.

Purchase decisions

For nearly a century, one of the basic theses of marketing has been that consumers go through the linear decision process like go through a funnel (so-called Purchase funnel), in which they evaluate successively different aspects until they reach the final decision. As a result of our research, we draw typical decision paths, since it is very rare today to represent reality with a single decision tree.


In-store customer behaviour has characteristics that are significantly different from what we are used to. One of the lessons for everyone is that buying most daily consumer goods is now more of a duty than a pleasure. Customers want to get out of the process as quickly as possible, especially during the initial and final stages of their purchase. Knowledge of the basic behaviours mentioned above, and similar examples is particularly important for the precise preparation and execution of shopper research. In addition to classic research methodologies and platforms, shopper research increasingly relies on the possibilities offered by the Internet and the world of smart devices. Our methods include qualitative and quantitative monitoring methods and in-store observation.

Brand review

Where is my brand on the graduation curve? Consumers think about it the same way as we do? Every couple of years it is worth looking at the brand from a helicopter perspective. With brand audits we do so. Usually the whole category is the focus of the survey, including all closely and broadly considered competitors. Communication target groups and messages will also be reviewed as needed. The results sometimes confirm what the brand owner thought of his/her situation, but we’ve also seen big surprises, which have led to a real “re-planning”.

Available studies

Like the other divisions of the Inspira Group, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Retail business conducts self-funded research on a number of occasions each year, offering guidance to clients on topics that represent high value for the professional communities.