Media and telecommunication

Media and telecommunication


As a leading player in the media, telecommunications and technology markets, INSPIRA RESEARCH offers a wide range of research solutions and services to its clients.

Syndicated research

INSPIRA has been making radio audience measurement for a number of radio market players over the past some years. Audience metrics are published alongside classical forms of data reporting but also on a dashboard that integrates target filtering and basic audience indicators.

Click here for a demo of the dashboard.

In the field of media and telecommunications research, special emphasis has recently been placed on B2B research, in which INSPIRA has considerable expertise, both in data collection, analysis and interpretation.

From the start, INSPIRA considers it an important task to contribute to the development of the marketing and communications industry. One example is the Marketing Mood Barometer research, which has a long history, where every year leading experts in the marketing industry evaluate the evolution of communication budgets, market trends, new ideas, and the effectiveness of communication platforms.

Click here for the Marketing Mood 2018 survey presentation.

Ad hoc research

Throughout their careers, our colleagues have conducted hundreds of ad-hoc media research projects and have outstanding sector knowledge in all media. INSPIRA’s media research over the last few years has been executed on a broad scale in terms of both methodology (e.g. online, offline, hybrid methods, etc.) and business objectives (e.g. launching new media brands, format and design tests, insight research, program and series tests, etc.).