Our Team

Our Team

Tamás Géczi

Managing director, Partner

Tamás Géczi has almost 25-year market research experience. Tamás has worked at all levels of market research, in local and regional research, operations and management positions.

Between 1999 and 2008 he managed the Millward Brown business expansion in the EE and MEA regions. Simultaneously he was appointed for the COO position and the deputy CEO position within the European Millward Brown organization.
From 2009 to 2010 he worked for Ipsos as the CEO of Advertisement and Brand Research within the CEE, ME and African regions, later was appointed to the CEO of Ipsos Hungary between 2010 and 2015.

Since July 2015 he has worked for Inspira Research as managing director and founder.

Tamás has extensive experience in all areas of research and research-management. He is a regular speaker at domestic and foreign marketing, media and research conferences, and has worked as a guest lecturer at several Hungarian higher education institutions on Hungarian and English marketing, market research BA and MBA courses.

Kati Melles

Media Research Director, Partner

Kati has 20 years of research experience. Over the past twenty years, she has led a number of researches in the media sector, especially for players in the domestic print media, the radio market, and the television sector. She has also guided several adhoc researches in the telecommunications sector.

She has previously been a lead researcher in industry audience measurement (radio audience measurement, press audience measurement, ad-hoc research in television and online media) and multiclient surveys for specific target groups (children’s media consumption, business decision makers ’media consumption).

Her main areas of expertise are media market audience surveys, campaign impact assessments, concept tests, programming and content research.

Previous jobs: Netsurvey Internet Research Institute (2000-2002, research leader), Ringier Publishing (2004-2006, research project manager), Ipsos Zrt. (Research leader 2008-2010, media research sector leader 2010-2013, media research director 2014-2015).

She has been a founding partner of Inspira Research since September 2015 and research director of media and telecommunications at the company.

Dóra Szerencsés

Healthcare Strategic Director, Partner

Dóra is a marketing research specialist with a degree in economics. She started her career at Szinapszis Egészségügyi Kutató és Tanácsadó Ltd. in 1998, where she was the head of the Qualitative Research and Mystery Shopping divisions for 11 years, also participated in the construction of the Synapsis group of companies and was responsible for the group’s sales and marketing activities.

The specialist joined Millward Brown in 2009 to build the company’s healthcare division in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe, which in 2012 successfully provided services to 20 pharmaceutical companies both locally and regionally. More than 19 years of experience as a healthcare researcher covers both prescription and OTC markets, patient and healthcare professional target groups, and a full repertoire of healthcare marketing research methodologies.

Between 2013 and 2015, she built and managed Ipsos Healthcare’s Hungarian business. In 2014, her team won a bronze medal among all Ipsos Healthcare offices around the world in the Customer Satisfaction competition, with a 98 percent result.

She has been the founder of Inspira Research since September 2015, in which she is responsible for the strategic management of the company’s healthcare business. The company’s health research team has consisted of accustomed senior health research professionals since 2009. For the past 8 years, Dora has worked as a health strategy consultant in the Central and Eastern European region as well as in the CIS countries. The specialist and her team conducted 50+ multinational studies in the last 3 years in a total of 16 countries.

Gábor Szabó

Financial Director, Partner

Gábor graduated in 2005 as a corporate economics analyst at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he later obtained an MBA degree in corporate finance. Gábor has been working in the field of corporate finance and market research for almost 15 years.

He started his career in various start-up companies in the early 2000s, and from 2004 he was a member of the change management team in a telephone research company, where he was responsible for reorganizing the research company and implementing the entire quality assurance system. From the end of 2005, he headed the data collection department of the Hungarian subsidiary of Ipsos.

According to his degree, he returned to corporate finance at the end of 2007 when he joined the finance department of Ipsos as a controller. A year later, he was already Deputy Financial Director, and from 2010 he worked as Financial Director at the company. In 2013, together with CEO Tamás Géczi, conducted the merger of the Ipsos and Synovate market research groups in the domestic market.

He has been the founder and managing partner of Inspira Research since July 2015.

In addition to the field of market and public opinion research, Gábor is also an entrepreneur in other business areas.

He has been a guest lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics since 2005 within the framework of the PhD student programme.

Ákos Szilágyi

Account Director, Telecommunication and Media

Ákos has almost 20 years of professional experience in media and service research (especially IT and telecommunications), he started his professional career in 2000.

At the beginning of his carrier he managed market research projects and internal analytics on the client side and since 2007 has been working on the research side.

From 2007 to 2012, he was the key account director of the telecommunications and public utilities services sector at GfK Hungária, then from 2012 to 2015 he led Ipsos’ telecommunications and media research and the Hungarian online audience measurement project.

He joined the Inspira Research team in October 2015, where he also primarily manages media and services research. He has already worked on a joint research project with all Hungarian telecommunications and energy service providers and with all major players in the media market.

Kinga Balázs

Senior Researcher

Kinga has extensive methodological knowledge in quantitative research and analytical techniques. Her professional focus are consumer and buyer surveys especially in the area of fast-moving goods, durables and retail.

Her main research areas are brand and image, U&A, segmentation, market understanding and customer satisfaction researches.

Kinga gained her professional expertise by GfK Hungary where she managed approx. 250 local international projects.

Kinga joined Inspira in May 2018.

Lívia Kovács

Senior Researcher

Lívia graduated in economics, then fell in love with the research profession as an intern at the KRTK Institute in Győr.

She began her market research career at Scale Research nearly 10 years ago, where she gained experience as a quantitative researcher, mainly in banking and telecommunications.

She then worked as a Research and ROI Manager at the MEC media agency, where she managed quantitative and qualitative research in media as well as domestic and regional adhoc. At the media agency, she gained experience in communications strategic planning, where she supported planning and decision-making processes with primary and secondary information.

She joined the Inspira Research team in July 2017, where she works as a senior researcher in the media and telecommunications sectors, as well as in finance and banking.

Éva Kiss 


Évi has 20 years of experience in media research. During her work, she worked primarily as a research assistant in various media market audience measurements and adhoc research.

At the level of the media market, she has already gained experience in data processing in both audience management research (public space, print, radio and online) in both project management and customer management.

She also has extensive experience in the application and management of various media market analysis and planning software, and in loading databases.

Évi joined Inspira Research’s media and telecommunications industry in August 2016.

Zsolt Abonyi

Healthcare Research Director

Zsolt has been working as a quantitative market researcher for more than 10 years, graduating with a master’s degree in Survey Statistics from ELTE. From February 2010 to May 2014, he worked in the Department of Consumer Research at Nielsen as a quantitative researcher, specializing in shopper research from 2012. He has comprehensive methodological knowledge in quantitative research and analytical techniques.

In recent years, he has also gained extensive experience in the field of offline and online data collection methods, in the implementation and analysis of Hungarian and international projects.

He joined the Ipsos Healthcare team in May 2014 as a team leader. Responsible for conducting domestic and international quantitative health market research in both prescription and OTC areas. His main research areas: primer – market exploration (U&A) and segmentation research, tracking research, “Source of Business” research, brand health surveys. He has conducted several international surveys covering EU and CIS countries in recent years.

In October 2015, he joined Inspira Research, where he holds the position of Research Director of the Healthcare Department, responsible for conducting quantitative health research and operative management tasks.

Katalin Kiss

Healthcare Customer Relationship Manager

Katka is a specialist in economics, she started her market research profession at Synapis Health Research and Consulting Ltd. in 2004 and was one of the company’s leading researchers for 14 years, and from 2013 to 2014 she was the company’s communications director.

She worked in a wide range of research problems and areas. She has significant professional experience in topics related to private healthcare, pharmaceutical marketing activity, image, and pharmaceutical sales force.

She has gained experience in managing domestic and international quantitative research, and her knowledge extends to the field of digital health communication, both on the medical, pharmacy and consumer / patient side.

Katka joined the Inspira Research team in 2018 as Healthcare Account Manager.

Rea Bagi

Senior Healthcare Researcher

Rea graduated with a degree in economics and she has been working as market researcher for 21 years.

Her important competence is that she has a comprehensive view on implementing research findings in business-oriented decisions, since she had worked in the Business development team of Dreher-SABMiller.

She is a member of the Inspira healthcare team right from the beginning. She is responsible for managing strategic research projects with close co-operation with clients focusing on either OTC or Rx segments.

Rea is an expert of qualitative and quantitative research methods that she had gathered a solid experience during her professional career. In Inspira’s healthcare team, her tasks beyond classic project management are to assure the client focused mindset, to deliver a creative problem-solving approach and to synthetize and present research results for supporting strategic goals.

Anikó Debreczeni, dr.

Healthcare Senior Researcher, Physician Expert

Anikó is a market research specialist with a doctor’s degree. She has 14 years of experience in pharmaceutical market research. She started her career at Szinapszis Ltd., then joined the team of Millward Brown in 2010 and Ipsos Healthcare in 2013.

She has been a member of the health research team since the founding of Inspira Research. As a senior researcher, she has extensive experience in the prescription products market. Her research experience highlights oncology, biotechnology, diabetes, cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, and gynecology.

Areas of research: strategic research, exploratory research, research on therapeutic practice, drug use and attitude, motivation and barrier research, segmentation research in the prescription segment.

Anikó has built up the pharmacovigilance background of Inspira Research and is responsible for providing medical background and pharmacovigilance processes for these projects.

Rita Steinsits

Healthcare researcher

Rita graduated at ELTE Criminology faculty in 2015.

After her studies, she worked at Ithaka Research&Consulting as a qualitative researcher in the field of youth research. Then she gathered experience in advertisement research at Ipsos advertisement department (Ipsos ASI).

Rita joined Inspira Research in 2017, where she is working as a healthcare market researcher both with qualitative and quantitative methods.

Melinda Ádám

Healthcare Senior Researcher

Melinda has a degree in economics and 11 years of market research experience.

She has gained extensive experience in conducting and analysing quantitative research, specifically in the pharma and medical fields.

She was involved in several studies in both the Rx and OTC categories, both in patient and HCP target groups.

Prior to joining Inspira Research, she worked for Synapse Health Market Researcher from 2007 to 2011, and from 2012 as a freelance market researcher. She joined Inspira Research in September 2017, where she performs senior quantitative research roles in areas such as consumer and buyer behaviour studies, and communication development.

Anett Szerencsés, dr.

Healthcare PV Manager

Anett graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Szeged with a law degree. She is currently participating in the postgraduate training of ELTE – ÁJK in corporate law and company law.

She joined the Inspira Research Healtcare team in August 2019, where she is responsible for providing the pharmacovigilance background for our research. She liaises with the safety team of pharmaceutical companies and coordinates PV tasks during projects, as well as reporting adverse events and side effects.

Anett holds mandatory PV trainings for Inspira’s internal team as well as our subcontractors before projects start.